Derek Cardoza - Premiere Massage Therapist

“Derek is a are a true healer. His mastery of his craft is unparalleled. He puts his head and his heart into his work and the result is life changing for his clients.

His professionalism and demeanor are top notch. I have referred him to everyone from Maria Shriver to Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson.

Let Derek in your life and you won't be sorry.”
~ Jillian Michaels

“Derek -

You are truly a Talent. Their are no words to describe your magical hands for when you are giving bodywork. I want to thank you so much for keeping my body at bliss.

You are a very special human being and a true healer.

Every time I finish one of your extraordinary sessions I come off that table as one of the happiest people in the world!!!!! I have been around the world and I assure you there is only one Derek Cardoza. I feel blessed to know you.

I can't thank you enough…”
~ Barbara Baldieri-March
Co-founder of March to the Top Foundation

“The best massage I’ve had in my life. Can we do it again tomorrow?”
~ Britney Spears

“It's not a's a rebirth.”
~ Damon Wolf

“Derek brings a level of intensity to each massage he does and each massage is better than the last”.
~ David LaChapelle

“I don’t think I will ever be able to get a massage from anyone else. I will always compare them to my massages with Derek.
The best gift I can give my friends is Derek’s gift of healing”
~ Donna Dixon

“Amazing! Derek made me feel so much better.”
~ Fran Drescher

“Derek Cardoza has an ability to be able to adapt to who ever is on the table. I like deep work and Derek is the strongest and the best. “
~ Patrick McMullen

“Derek is like a god !”
~ Jeff Klein

"In my travels I have come to appreciate the gift and talents of massage therapist all around the world and there are many. but I must say my sessions with Derek was an experience that you only come across once and while. Talented Yes, Sincere Yes, but most importantly a good heart. Thank you sir."
~ Bebe Winans